Improvisation for Business

The benefits of improvisation are increasingly being discovered and leveraged in the corporate world. Outside of comedy clubs and theatre games, the techniques and mindset required by performing improvisers have significant value when applied to idea and content generation, team building and dysfunction diagnosis, and solidification of a group identity.

Dan has developed custom improvisation workshops for numerous companies and brands, including Microsoft and Google.

He has also spoken at international conferences on the practical applications of improvisation; most notably at the Scrum Alliance Global Gathering 2015 in Shanghai, Agile2016 in Atlanta, and PAX West in Seattle.

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Improv Team Coaching

Dan has over a decade of experience in various forms of improvisation, and has trained with many improv schools, teams, and individuals during that time.

He particularly enjoys teaching musical improvisation from both actors' and musicians' perspectives, and is also very keen to work with new long— and shortform teams in London.

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